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Who benefits from CLA-KLI


Kosovo Law Institute (Legal Aid Center), St. Rrustem Statovci, Entry I, no. 1 and Z3-S4. no.1, Pristina.

The legal support of women to realize their property rights

CLA will provide representation to vulnerable groups in the field of property rights, where special attention will be paid, but not be limited to cases where women are subject to the proceedings, especially in the inheritance procedure.

In the inheritance procedure it is essential that female heir be informed regarding their right to inherit, realizing this right in practice, taking part and being represented in court in order to realize their rights in court proceedings.

CLA will realize this by providing free legal aid in form of legal advices or by representing them by appointing a defense lawyer from the Kosovo Bar Association. The aid is provided in all stages of the proceedings.

CLA will provide services also in realizing women’s rights in legal proceedings regarding the dividing of property according to law and children’s and women’s rights in alimony.

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