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Women in inheritance

CLA will provide representation to vulnerable groups in the field of property rights, where special attention will …


Serbia had prohibited pensions for Kosovar retirees from June 1999…

Minorities, Displaced Persons, Refugees, Asylum Seekers

CLA will provide free legal aid for vulnerable groups in Kosovo…

Victims of Violence

CLA aiming to provide access to justice to vulnerable groups will provide free legal aid…


According to the Constitution of Kosovo, applicable laws and international law, no one

About Center for Legal Aid

KLI’s Center for Legal Aid is a Project supported and funded by the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK)as part of the Program Access to Justice. CLA’s activity and function has started on March 2019. CLA within its activities provides legal aid in the fields specified by the Program Access to Justice.

Recent activities

Read about CLA activities

PROMO: Free legal aid by the Legal Aid Center of KLI (video)

KLI’s management had a meeting with the President of the Syndical Federation of Pensioners, Invalids and the Elderly of Kosovo, Sylejman Meta

Pristina, November 20 2019 – Executive director of the Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) Ehat Miftaraj and Coordinator for Free Legal Aid at the KLI, Yll Zekaj had a meeting with the President of the Syndical Federation of Prisoners, Invalids and the Elderly of Kosovo, Sylejman Meta. Purpose of this meeting was discussion of the pensioners issues […]

Addressing the request of the party for free legal aid by the LAC of KLI: Addressing the domestic violence victims’ claim for the realization of the right to alimony for the victim and children

Contact with the Center for legal aid

You can contact CLA through:

Completion of the online form on the CLA website;

Submission of completed form through postal service at the address – Kosovo Law Institute (Legal Aid Center), St. Rrustem Statovci, Entry I, no. 1 and Z3-S4. no.1, Pristina.

Contacting through phone number 0800 22 222 or e-mail address

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