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Kosovo Law Institute (Legal Aid Center), St. Rrustem Statovci, Entry I, no. 1 and Z3-S4. no.1, Pristina.

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About KLI’s Center for Legal Aid (CLA)

KLI’s Center for Legal Aid is a Project supported and funded by the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK)as part of the Program Access to Justice. CLA’s activity and function has started on March 2019. CLA within its activities provides legal aid in the fields specified by the Program Access to Justice.


The purpose of CLA

The purpose of CLA is to provide equal opportunities to all citizens of Kosovo and foreigners in Kosovo regarding access to justice, as well as to respect human rights and freedoms in accordance with standards and principles provided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and other international instruments applied in Kosovo.

CLA pays special attention to providing free legal aid for vulnerable groups in Kosovo, in criminal, civil and administrative cases. KLI’s CLA provides free legal aid in five specific fields:

  • Legal support of women regarding property rights;  
  • Labor law issues related to contracts and pensions prohibited by Serbian authorities;
  • Legal support in protecting and providing rights for minorities, internally displaced persons, refugees and asylum seekers;
  • Domestic violence issues on gender basis and compensating survivors of sexual violence during the war times;
  • Legal aid to protect prisoners’ rights; as well as

KLI’s CLA will expand the fields on which it provides legal aid depending on projects and financial opportunities to carry specific activities in order to fulfill the objectives of “Access to Justice” program.   

Exceptionally, KLI’s CLA will provide legal aid to strategic cases that aim promoting human rights and freedoms.


Objectives of the Centre

The Centre aims to achieve these objectives through its activities:  

    1. Providing access to justice to all, without discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, political opinions or others, national or social origin, relations to a community, property, economic or social situation, sexual orientation, birth, special needs or any other personal status;
    2. Promoting human rights and freedoms in court proceedings, especially in criminal, civil and administrative cases;
    3. Promoting the implementation of the practice of European Court of Human Rights in the justice system of Kosovo;
    4. Carrying constitutional and legal rights of the citizens of Kosovo and foreigners, in accordance with the applicable law in Kosovo.
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